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"Before I introduce our new product line, I have to ask: What do project-oriented product lines mean to us at Advanced Ajax Technologies? For us, it's all about never compromising on product reliability and usability, providing exclusive access for accredited partners, and safeguarding your business. Compliance with industry standards is crucial for gaining access to large-scale projects, so we are proud to introduce the Superior product line—wireless security devices designed for comprehensive facility protection. This line includes motion, opening, and glass break detectors, panic buttons, keypads, and both outdoor and indoor sirens.

Standards are often seen as obstacles by security system vendors, but for us, they are signposts for improvement. For example, British PD compliance is focused on protecting against false alarms, requiring alarm confirmation by two different devices within a specified time. This, combined with our photo verification feature, significantly reduces the risk of false alarms. Compliance guarantees the quality of every certified device, despite the challenge of obtaining certificates from various regions with different requirements.

We've chosen to combine all expertise into one product line, unlocking new opportunities for your business and sharing locally tested practices globally. This approach defines the Superior product line, but it's not just about meeting standards; we also incorporate feedback from over 150,000 professionals worldwide to refine our products, making them more efficient, user-friendly, and reliable.

Key improvements in the Superior line include Panasonic batteries for enhanced performance under any condition, OneTouch disarming features on keypads, and double reed switches in opening detectors for easier installation. Our panic buttons now report device status daily, including battery status, reducing the need for manual testing.

To work with the Superior line, complete our online training at the Ajax Academy for a deep understanding of each device, which will help speed up installation, increase sales efficiency, and reduce false alarm risks. We provide marketing support to all authorized partners and offer priority support in your language 24/7. The Superior product line represents more than just business; it's about seizing opportunities with the highest number of certified wireless security devices in Europe, all while delivering an exceptional Ajax user experience. If your company is interested, contact your local BDM or distributor for more information."


Dave Tate, UK Country Manager